Reinvent. Grow. Evolve. Reach the objective and once achieved, start again.

That is the philosophy that drives us at VELTE. Constant innovation, the commitment to design products that grow and evolve to the rhythm of our lives, to the beat of our needs. Creativity and practicality mark the line of work which incorporates latest generation industrial design as well as the highest standards of quality and safety.


Due to our vast network of logistics and huge Client & Supplier base, we develop sustainable policies which makes us a leader in resource optimization. Also, our structure allows us to adjust our production lines on the basis of each order, with absolute capacity to adapt and answer the demand of our customers.

Serving India Since 2 Generations

Ultimately, and after 50 years of experience, what we demand of ourselves is not to stop,inetead, we force ourselves to innovate and improve towards efficiency. Because we believe in a new way of being. 

To reinvent. Grow. Evolve. Reach the objective and once achieved start again.